A Long Time (2 Years) Ago…

A Long Time (2 Years) Ago…

A goal reflection essay by Daniel Levitt

I can still see the iconic, gold block-lettering scrolling slowly from the bottom of the screen upwards across a sea of stars and the blackness of space.  Star Wars, to me, was quite a blockbuster movie experience growing up.  My MAET experience, in some ways, seems to imitate Luke Skywalker’s journey from Tatooinian farm boy to Jedi Knight.  Luke wanted to go out and face the galaxy and all its perils.  I wanted to go out and face the world of technology in education and face its successes and “technical difficulties.”

When I sat down to write my goal statement to gain entrance into the MAET program online through Michigan State, all I recognized was where my field, as a librarian, was heading and that I wanted to be “at the cutting edge.”  This aspect did not last my time with MAET.  It isn’t that being on the cutting edge became unimportant or unattainable, because it certainly is attainable and important.  My drive and motivation became more centered toward practicality and how I can best meet the needs and desires of my current work situation rather than the idealism of redefining the field of educational technology within the context of Prairie Wind Elementary School.

I also stated that, “I hope to be a technology educator and a librarian in the same ‘package’ and become, in essence, a “Multiple Literacies in Technology” Educator.”  This is precisely what I’ve become at my school.  So does that mean I accomplished by goal and I can simply stop?  I look back and realize that my school environment merely recognizes my goal.  It does not go any further than that.  I am not a technology educator or “Multiple Literacies in Technology” Educator just because I teach with a SMARTBoard or have my students using laptops.

I look back and notice that, before I went into the MAET program, I saw traditional projects in my library as needing something extra.  However, though I recognized educational technology as the answer, I could not formulate how or why.  My goal really evolved into a search to answer those two questions.  The results are still not complete.  The “how” question is always evolving with new technologies, programs, thought-processes, and trial and error.  The “why” is evolving as well, but I now know that teaching everyone involves teaching creatively in a manner that can reach the most learners in the most efficient manner.

As I approach commencement and the achievement of my Masters of Arts in Educational Technology, I can feel comforted in knowing that, though my goal is still ongoing, I can honestly say I’ve come a long way.  I’ve faced my “dark side” and kept the Force with me.  I cannot wait for the next step forward.

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