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Daniel Levitt’s Masters of Arts in Educational Technology

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Summer 2012CEP 810Teaching for Understanding with TechnologyCarolyn McCarthy and Jodi SpicerThis was my first course in the program. I was introduced to Special Interest Groups (SIG), TPACK, and explored the basic practical aspects of Educational Technology. The most poignant experience was the SIG exercise where I worked collaboratively online to complete a project on Flipping the Classroom. We used Google Apps and Wikispaces to collaborate and work on the project.
Fall 2012CEP 811 Adapting Innovative Technology to EducationNancy Ayers and Jodi SpicerThough technology as the end all, be all is never the ideal, CEP 811 focused on technology as a true medium of teaching AND learning. In this class I learned the value of stand alone instructional resources (StAIR) and WebQuests. My StAIR was on Text Features and, though a lot of work, was very rewarding. I was introduced to Weebly in this course by creating a WebQuest for my sixth graders on Europe.
Spring 2013CEP 812Applying Educational Technology to PracticeCandace Marcotte, Emily Stone, and Leigh Graves WolfCEP 812 helped me tackle the practical aspects of implementation of technology in an effort to improve the overall effectiveness of my curriculum. The main project was called the "Wicked Problem." My topic for this issue was the preference of my students using Google over electronic databases. I concluded that my district may have a point regarding the under-utilization of electronic databases, but we're also doing a disservice to our students by not teaching students how to properly use and evaluate Google as a research tool.
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Punya Mishra, Danah Henrickson, and William CainThis intense, summer hybrid coursework involved both online and on-campus (in East Lansing) learning environments. During this time, I learned all about the educational impact of motivation, tech tips, Understanding understanding, and the main project, the DreamIT. I really dug deep into the idea of learning with the Understanding Understanding project, where my group took on the misconception of the colors of the Rainbow. My DreamIT project took on the topic of online collaboration via the use of Google Apps. This is important to me because of my District's decision to not utilize Google Apps to its full potential.
Fall 2013CEP 820Teaching K-12 Students OnlineAnne Heintz and Sandra SawayaThis course was all about the online learning environment. I learned about the environment by experimenting with online learning programs like Weebly, Haiku, and Coursesites. In the end, I created a hybrid online course using Weebly. This course enabled me to be able to better utilize Course Management Systems (CMS) in the instruction of my students, even if it is not fully online.
Fall 2013CEP 816Technology, Teaching, and Learning Across the CurriculumRand SpiroI learned about learning through the use of technology in multiple curricular fields. We read Will Richardson's book "Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms." We also explored budget friendly ways of bringing resources to the classrooms, such as the use of Online Educational Resources (OERs).
Spring 2014TE 831Teaching School Subject Matter with TechnologyDoug HartmanThis course was all about enhancing teaching through the use of technology. In this course I learned how to utilize different, free Web Tools and repurpose technology to suit the needs in my classroom. I also delved deeper into Web 2.0 tools such as Edmodo, Glogster, and VoiceThread.
Spring 2014CEP 807Capstone Portfolio CourseworkMatthew KoehlerThis is my final course on my way to my Masters of Arts in Educational Technology. In this course, I create a portfolio showcasing my entire experience as an MAET student.